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7/30/01-Its almost been a year since his last prison release!(August 2nd)

7/24/01-Nothing new...Ally repeat was on yesterday..good ep.!

7/21/01-Vote me in the Downey Top 10!!(Go to bottom)

7/19/01-I won a RDj contest! I was the 500,000 person to visit "The Downey Dominion" so I get a special video. Yea! Other than that, no new news...

7/18/01-Nothing new...

7/16/01-No jail! He will recieve 3 years probation and 1 year drug treatment. Lets hope this will be the last time the judge will ever have to see him, besides on the big screen! Also, because of all this (arrests), he has lost a part in the upcoming movie "Americas Sweethearts" I've read at least.

7/15/01-Yea!! He got nomidated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor! Now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed for his court date tomarrow!

7/11/01-Added a chatroom!!! Go there to chat with other RDj fans! Also...I'm leaving today & wont be back 'till Sunday so like I said B4, you'll have to go to a differnt RDj site to find out about the Emmys!!!

7/10/01-I wont have access to my page until Sunday, which means I wont be able to post anything about the Emmy nominations(to see if he got nominated). So in this case, please go to links to find a website, because I'm sure they will be posted there(on Thursday).

7/8/01-I deleted a pic because it wasnt mine(sorry). So if you see a pic thats yours & you want it off, BE SURE TO E-MAIL ME!!! Also, his court date is coming up, along w/ the list of Emmy nominations!

7/3/01-I deleted a page because of the content that was on it and to get a better chance of being listed, I would have to take off that page. It was just a quote of his though. Nothing else new.

7/2/01-Added a dedication page(please see it) and put the stuff missing from here in the old update stuff.

7/1/01-RDj is up to #2 in the e-crush poll and #1 in the Hottie Bottie poll(yea!). Those were the good ones. Now these other 2 every1 needs to work on! In the 'Celebrity Knockout' poll, it is 40% RDj & 60% Dylan McDermott. And the 'Celebrity 1000' poll, he is #3...and almost 38,000 votes behind the no. 1 spot!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

6/28/01-FINALLY added a links page...even though there are only 3. E-mail me if you want one on, or if one is yours and you want it off!!!

6/27/01-RDj has slipped on eCRUSH from 2 to 6!! We have to change that! Go to "vote 4 rdj"(a new section) to get the link to vote, along with other voting sites!

6/25/01-Added "Footlose and Free" section. I found this in the Enquier (no surprise) and I (along with 'Last Party' members) are debating if its true are not. What do you think? See it & e-mail me! I also added a poll a few days ago.

6/17/01-First off, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to RDJ! I hope his son at least gets to talk to him! Next is he is in the enquier, AGAIN! It has a whole page on how he "supposedly" used drugs in rehab (from people bringing him drugs in pizza and other things or begging for extra pills). I think this is just crazy and would like to post a page about what everyone else thinks! e-mail me!

6/15/01-nothin new on RDj (that I've seen or heard). Havent scanned the enquier yet, sorry. I'll do that soon! *last day of school is thursday!(for our school* :-D

6/14/01-Sorry I havent updated it 4 a while. Tripod will be charging soon, but u dont want to hear all about that. Anyways, no new news. I'll scan the Enquier things when I have a chance!

6/11/01-Added a FAQ section, send me questions so i can complete it! Also, I'll be adding a sounds page soon :) AND a links banner that i made for my site (its called "what a wonder") is at the bottom of the page, send me urs!

6/7/01-I'm trying to add some stuff...but its not working 4 me! Aurg...well, no new RDJ news(that I've heard). I've already explained the whole lawyers getting fired thing, so thats basicly it.

6/5/01-Added a new section, which is artwork. I have asked Moogy(he is friends w/ robert)and he said that I can link his site so you all can see it. Enjoy!

6/4/01-Nothin new u havent already heard. I will be adding a links page so if you have any, send 'em this way

6/3/01-RDJ news! Go to drug usage to see what its about. Also, i havent updated it in a few days cuz i was at my dads.

5/31/01-RDJ news! Well, he fired his lawyers, and his plea bargin case is coming closer and closer to no jail time, just rehab. Which we all know he needs at the moment. To read more, go to "drug usage". So keep your hopes high! Also, I will soon be making a links page so if you have any, e-mail me w/ the URL!

5/29/01-Added "Changing Face Of Fame", which I got & scanned from the Enquier. Enjoy!

5/28/01-Ive had some requests asking for the artwork RDJ has done and I can only find it on one website. I've sent her an e-mail asking if I can use the pictures so Im just waiting for a response!

5/27/01-RDJ is in this weeks national enquirer, nothing too bad or nething, its called "the changing face of fame". Its at the bottom of a page, not sure which one. But it has 5 pics of him.

5/25-26/01-I will be adding a continuation to the fanfic that heather sent to me[im getting to it! lol] so that'll be up soon. Nothin new in the RDJ case, but ive gotten over 1000 people that have visited my site! thanx!

5/24/01-RDJ'S COURT DATE TODAY! Well, sorry I didnt do this sooner, tripod wasnt working 4 me. Anyways, ALL the details(well, that have been released) are in the "drug usage" section because there is not enough room here!

5/23/01-RDJ has a court date tomorrow, but one of his charges in that case have been changed. Go to "drug usage" to see it! Also, I had over 70 people visit my website from the Ally McBeal site so thanks to those people and the guy that e-mailed me!

5/22/01-Well, he wasnt on Ally(accually in it, they did show a little clip in the beginning though). She was also was all depressed & stuff in it. I'd rather not get into ALL the details(sorry). On the bright side(4 me), I've had a LITTLE over 800 people visit my site!!! Thanks so much! But only 8 people have signed the guestbook.....

5/21/01-Dont 4get to watch Ally tonight, even though he is not on. Im sure they will talk about the break-up. RDJ's court date is coming up Thursday(the November arrest, which is the one that got postponed from April 30). So keep alerted to that!

5/20/01-If you know this site fairly well, u know I update it daily. BUT...I was at my dads. And there squat that i can do there. So anyways, RDJ is in USA weekend in ur sunday paper(look through the adds). Hes on the very first page. Also I got the Dave Matthews CD this weekend & noticed something funny. Those who have DMB cd and the Ally cd READ THIS: First listen to "Chances Are" on the Ally cd. Remember how he says "And I'll be dreaming of the future". Now, on the DMB cd listen to "Angel"(#8). If you listen to the whole song, you will see the simularitys from when Dave Matthews says "Why do I beg like a child for you candy". Isnt it weird?

5/17/01-If ur wondering where all the other stuff went, its in the "old update stuff" place. I left a couple there if you wanted to read it right now. Neways, nothin else new w/ RDJ. hes in rehab hopfully recovering. Everyone in *last party* i know have had a good spirt about it so keep it up!

5/16/01-I am listed in 2 other fan sites now(yippie!). You can vote for my site(hint-hint) at the bottom of the page by clicking on the link. Thanks a bunch!

5/15/01-Hes like, off the show. THAT SUUUUUX. Everyone knew he already would, but it still suuuuuux. For the people that didnt watch it(cough-not smart-cough), what happend was that he left a note saying good-bye cuz thats how he ends it or whatever. It was sad cuz u could FEEL the pain. It was harsh. Aurg. In other news, Robert Downey Jr. has not been charged with his arrest from April, 24. To read more, click the link in the "drug usage" section.

5/16/01-I am listed in 2 other fan sites now(yippie!). You can vote for my site(hint-hint) at the bottom of the page by clicking on the link. Thanks a bunch!

5/15/01-Hes like, off the show. THAT SUUUUUX. Everyone knew he already would, but it still suuuuuux. For the people that didnt watch it(cough-not smart-cough), what happend was that he left a note saying good-bye cuz thats how he ends it or whatever. It was sad cuz u could FEEL the pain. It was harsh. Aurg. In other news, Robert Downey Jr. has not been charged with his arrest from April, 24. To read more, click the link in the "drug usage" section.

5/14/01-Dont 4get to watch RDJ's last show tonight!!! other than that, theres nothin too new. Like I said B4 they found traces of cocaine, hes in rehab right now...nothin new that i havent said B4 or is in another section

5/11/01-He had traces of cocaine in his system from last month! Aurg... to read more, go the the drug section 4 a link.

5/10/01-I got accepted to! yea 4 me. The link is at the bottom :)

5/9/01-Nothin really new, RDJ is in the Rolling Stone w/ Pamala Lee & Tommmy Lee, but thats from last week & i just found out now. ITS NOT THE ONE W/ DESTINYS CHILD. DONT BUY THAT IF UR LOOKING 4 RDJ!

5/7/01-I just found out Saturday that I got excepted into the Robert Downey Jr. Webring! Im so happy cuz only 8 people are in there, which means that only good sites get to be there! Im still trying to figure out how to but that little box there, so I need some1 to tell me how! Thanks! And dont 4get to watch Ally on Monday, I know hes in it because I saw the previews...

5/4/01-RDJ is also in the enquier, something about he might know something about a murder because the guy he was caught with is a suspect in a murder. If anyone saw him in and/or on a different magazine, e-mail me!

5/3/01-RDJ is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, along w/ Matthew Perry(also a hottie), Andy Dick, Courtney Love, Melinoe Grifith, Kelsy Grammer, and some other guy I dont know. It says "HOLLYWOOD HIGH" & talks about, well, just take a guess. It doesnt say too much about RDJ, but its only a few bucks, so i got it :)

5/2/01-Did every one see Ally last night? It was a good episode. Some people on the Ally McBeal message boards said that it seemed cut & pasted for a lead to his way off the show. I totally agree. Why all of a sudden does she feel that way? I dont know. If anyone has an opinion on it, e-mail me & I'll make a section on it. Thanks!

4/30/01-Well, the court date today for RDJ from last november was granted for May 24. So thats when he'll be back for that specific case. To read the whole story, go to "court cases" for the link.

4/29(3rd time 2day!lol)-I added a new section called fanfic. Check it out!

4/29(2nd time 2day!)/01-Thank you again to the people who e-mailed me about the name thing & the mug pic!

4/29/01-Well, he'll be going to rehab for at least 6 months. Im hoping they dont send him to jail because that does nothing to help his drug addiction. They should just leave it to more rehab if anything.

4/26-4/27-He techichally never got "fired". Just cut out of the last episodes. So thats good. But they might have meant that he was fired. Im not quite sure.

4/25-4/26-He got fired :( not kewl! to find out more go to where it says "Ally McBeal" And also if your wondering where the rest of this went go to "old update stuff" on your left

4/23-24/01-Makin a new part on the show "Ally McBeal".

4/20/01-I just got back from Lake Tahoe yesterday & didnt get to go on the computer so there really isnt anything new yet, but i just wanted ne1 who looks at this page to know that im still doin stuff on the page.

4/16/01-I put stuff about the movie "In Dreams" because so far its my second favorite movie of his. Accually, I dont have a fav cuz I love them all so I take that back. It was just easy to get access of...but regardless of him being hot in the movie, its very good.

4/14/01-I've rented 4 of his movies that he has parctially started in and i can recomend all of them. He is very funny in Chaplin, although it is almost an 2 1/2 hours; Friends & Lovers was an alright movie, he had a very sexy accent; Only You was also alright if your in to finding your destany man & what not; Soapdish was was better than I thought, and he looks very good in it!

4/12/01-I FINALLY got the quiz to accually work!

4/10/01-Makin a quiz

4/6/01-I added stuff about his drug charges & what not, look to see what he is possible of getting charged of.

4/4/01-RDJr.'s birthday! If you saw me at school, i had one balloon and some pictures of him on me!

3/28/01-Im now adding the movies he's been in!

3/27/01-Im making a site about the hottest man ever to live!